Welcome to Catatonic Daughters

Catatonic Daughters is a new digital literary magazine. We aim to publish writing that disturbs and disrupts the literary canon with a particular focus on writing from or about subversive women. We’re all about writing that breaks with tradition and introduces an abnormal or disruptive perspective. Our name encapsulates some of the ideas that we’d love to see captured in writing; ideas of abnormality & disruption, relationships with tradition & their decay, being a product of your environment & subverting that influence.

Catatonia (noun): abnormality of movement and behaviour arising from a disturbed mental state. It may involve repetitive or purposeless overactivity, or catalepsy, resistance to passive movement, and negativism; a state of immobility and stupor.

Daughter (noun): a girl or woman in relation to either or both of her parents; a nuclide formed by the radioactive decay of another.