Catatonic Daughters is a new digital literary magazine. We aim to publish writing that disturbs and disrupts the literary canon with a particular focus on writing from or about subversive women. Our name encapsulates some of the ideas that we’d love to see captured in writing; ideas of abnormality & disruption, relationships with tradition & their decay, being a product of your environment & subverting that influence.

Catatonia (noun): abnormality of movement and behaviour arising from a disturbed mental state. It may involve repetitive or purposeless overactivity, or catalepsy, resistance to passive movement, and negativism; a state of immobility and stupor.

Daughter (noun): A girl or woman in relation to either or both of her parents; a nuclide formed by the radioactive decay of another.

Editorial Board

Founder & Editor-in-Chief
Ríbh Brownlee

Ríbh Brownlee (she/her) is a bookseller, small-press-intern and MA Publishing student at UCL. Originally from Belfast, Catatonic Daughters is the second literary magazine she’s helped set up after acting as one of many co-founders and co-editors of the print magazine The Apiary at Queen’s University. You can find her @ribhbrownlee on Twitter and Instagram.

Catatonic Daughters was founded in 2021.