Contributor Bios

Alanna Offield (she/her) is a disabled, queer, Chicana from New Mexico now living in the North of Ireland. Her poetry has appeared in Abridged, Dodging the Rain, Rust+Moth, Porridge Magazine, and other publications. She is the owner of Seaside Books a traveling and online bookshop that offers a curated selection books written by Irish authors and/or published by Irish publishers. Instagram: @alannaoffields

Alexandra Ward (she/her) is a writer from Merseyside who currently lives in Belfast, studying at Queen’s University Belfast. She works part-time as a bookseller and is Editor in Chief of The Apiary, a literary magazine created by Queen’s Writers’ Society. She loves to read and write about women across various times and places.

Andrea Lianne Grabowski (she/her) is a queer writer and white settler on Anishinaabe land. She’s been on the literary staff of NMC Magazine, is editing her first novel, and often can be found peeking in the windows of abandoned farmhouses. Her writing — regardless of form or genre — holds themes of metamorphosis, queerness, family, radical politics, religious trauma, and living in the Midwest. Her poetry has appeared in Giving Room Mag and Sledgehammer Lit, and is forthcoming in Hell is Real Anthology, superfroot, and more.

Dolly Sharma (she/her) is a resident of India. She has pursued MA English from the Department of English, University of Delhi from 2018-2020. She has pursued her BA (Hons) English from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, University of Delhi from 2015-2018. Her research on female sexuality has previously appeared in Thawra, Online Literary Magazine of Queen Mary University of London in June 2021 bearing the title “Of Indian Women, Class and Sexuality: Examining the Short Stories of Shashi Deshpande.” The link is provided here:

Emily Daniels (she/her) is a former journalist who crawled out of the West Virginia woods. She now lives in rural Ohio with her three strange and perfect cats. She enjoys writing peculiar flash fiction, attempting to make her stories feel steeped in an Appalachian dream (or nightmare). Her work has appeared in Moss Puppy Magazine and is forthcoming in Sublunary Review. You can find her on Twitter @phantomdream_

Helen Jenks (she/her) is a queer poet from Dublin who enjoys writing about myth, nostalgia, and memory, and often the intersection of all three. She has recently had work published in Green Ink Poetry, Spellbinder, Celestite Poetry, and Warning Lines, with work forthcoming in Dreich. When not dutifully studying history or knitting jumpers, she can be found editing her own poetry journal, The MadrigalFind her on Twitter at @rosemaryandwool!

HLR (she/her) is a working-class poet, writer and editor from north London. Her work has been widely published, most recently by Hobart, Variant Literature, and Emerge Literary Journal. HLR is the author of History of Present Complaint (Close to the Bone) and Portrait of the Poet as a Hot Mess (Ghost City Press). She is Assistant Poetry Editor at Outcast Press. Twitter: @HLRwriter

H. R. Gibs is Hannah Gibson (she/they). She writes/lives/hopes in Belfast.

Kailey Tedesco (she/her) is the author of She Used to be on a Milk Carton (April Gloaming Publishing), Lizzie, Speak (winner of White Stag’s 2018 MS Contest), and FOREVERHAUS (White Stag Publishing). She is a senior editor for Luna Luna Magazine and an active member of the Horror Writers Association. She also teaches an ongoing course on the witch in literature at Moravian University in Bethlehem, PA. You can find her work featured in Electric Literature, Fairy Tale Review, Gigantic Sequins, The Journal, and more. For further information, please visit

Lucy Holme (she/ her) is a poet and mother from Kent who lives in Cork, Ireland. Her poems have recently featured in The Liminal Review, Púca Literary Journal, The Honest Ulsterman, Re-Side, Southword, An Capall Dorcha and Marble Poetry, and are forthcoming in Poetry Bus, The Waxed Lemon and Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal. In April 2021 she was a recipient of a Munster Literature Centre Mentoring Fellowship with the poet Grace Wells and she is currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing at UCC. Her debut chapbook, Temporary Stasis, which was shortlisted for The Patrick Kavanagh Award, will be published by Broken Sleep Books in August 2022. She is on twitter @lucy_holme and instagram @lucyholme.

Mahalia Sobhani (she/her) received her bachelor’s in creative writing from Northwestern University. She is now based in the Milwaukee area. Her work can also be found in The Oakland Arts Review and is forthcoming in the Bonemilk anthology from Gutslut Press.

Olivia Heggarty (she/her) is a Belfast-based writer, studying English with Creative Writing at Queen’s University. She’s heavily influenced by female rage, arguments with God and Joni Mitchell’s seminal album ‘Blue’. Olivia’s poems can be found in The Horizon Magazine, The Gown and Dublin Poetry Magazine.

Rose Bostwick (she/her, but any will do) is an amateur, previously unpublished poet and fiction writer. While she has mostly published student journalism, she has many drafts full of half-finished tales of lesbian yearning and weird esoteric horror. She lives in Montreal, Canada, where she is in her final year of university.

Saakshi Patel was born and raised in Bombay. She earned her MA in Poetry at Queen’s University Belfast, where she received the Seamus Heaney Centre International Scholarship. She is also the recipient of the 2021 Ireland Chair of Poetry Student Award. She has BA in English Literature and Language from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Saakshi’s poems have been published in yolk literary magazine, The Honest Ulsterman and the Local Wonders anthology by Dedalus Press, with upcoming work scheduled to appear in various anthologies. She likes to make poems about nature, food, love, sadness, family, shapes and patterns. Saakshi has performed poetry readings at the 2021 Installation Ceremony of Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton as the Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast, at the Music and Mind Festival, the Ireland Chair of Poetry Award-Winner Showcase, on Poetry Day Ireland and at the Habitat Cafe in Bombay.

Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin (she/her) is an Irish writer living in Berlin, Germany. Her work has previously appeared in Novel Noctule, Not Deer Magazine, Dread Imaginings and The Piker Press. Her co-written feature film, Consentuality, is currently in development with Screen Ireland. You follow her on Twitter @MiseryVulture. To read more of her published work, and get information on upcoming publications, visit her website –