Editor’s Note

One of the best things about literary magazines is how they grow and transform over time. From issue to issue, our writers and artists are in conversation with each other, building on the ideas that Catatonic Daughters embodies, exemplifying them in new and different ways. The community that surrounds Catatonic Daughters has also grown. We’re continually blown away by the support we’ve received from the literary community – especially from writers who have met us with so much enthusiasm for our ethos.

To say that we are proud of Issue 2 of Catatonic Daughters is an understatement. This issue captures so much in such a small space – heritage, legacies, audacity, mythology, grief, bathrooms, trials of impiety, questions of artistry, of the traditionally female role of a muse and the small violence that accompanies it. Many of these pieces resist easy interpretation, and all of them are truly unlike anything we’ve ever read.

This issue would not have been possible without our volunteer readers – Aoife Finnegan, Elaina Battista-Parsons, Jessica Heron, Ruth Niemiec, Sarah Griffin, and Tiegan Johnston. Thank you for dedicating so much time to pouring over submissions and putting unbelievable amounts of care and attention into every piece.

Ríbh Brownlee
Founder & Editor-in-Chief