Issue 2

Editor’s Note

inheritance by Andrea Lianne Grabowski
Voight-Kampff for my mother’s daughter by Mahalia Sobhani
On Consummating My Boston Marriage by Rose Bostwick
Joni, Now You’re a Maneater by Olivia Heggarty
Under the Knife by H. R. Gibs
Lucretia by Helen Jenks
Phryne, or the commemoration of virtue by Lucy Holme
The Queer Motif in Lihaaf by Dolly Sharma
ghost tour of salem village by Kailey Tedesco
The Clinic by Emily Daniels
Oh, He’s Here Again! by Saoirse Ní Chiaragáin
Savage by HLR
Major Key Emotions by Alanna Offield
Occupied. by Alexandra Ward
mountains of the mind by Saakshi Patel

Contributor Bios

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