Lady Crimson

by Paris Jessie

the ocean quite possibly came with her
she poured her grains into the calling blue
and in return split in two
the ocean spilled its contents into
her         upper

now hovering around she carries the weight
of the sea
even its chattery

                        top layer
        where the sun laminates
she munches away as it pours in
   starving sand lacking wetness
                of tide blankets

on                                                       rests
the                                                      the
walls          of her esophagus         saltwater

there to cleanse her from voices that had never
something like sun
                                 down the ocean water sub

feeding her insides to confiding in all her senses
things will not be silenced here with an ocean belly that
gyrates, hearing                that             against
                                   waves           crash                 kidney,

kidney wakes to function, as believed,
the blue waves crash into red waves
waste & excess // cultivated & surplus
the unhinged jellyfish and octopi occupy
with coral reefs pushing at her wilted parts
re-absorption oozes from her details, she is,
more than you thought
you do not know what floats
this depth, she is, you do not know
the taste she smells // the smell she tastes
she        just        moves